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Are you looking for a home inspector? Are you in need of termite inspection or other home inspection service? SEI Inspections LLC is here to help. We utilize the latest in Residential Inspection Technology to make your home inspection experience as easy and convenient as possible.  SEI starts by using cutting edge inspections software allowing the finished inspection report to be received any way you want- email, fax or mail, but the inspection report goes even deeper than that. Emailed inspection reports are interactive too. Inspection reports will contain a combination of video, audio, and digital images, helping you understand the condition of your potential future home before you decide to buy. In addition, SEI utilizes thermal imaging inspection technology to help identify problems that may be hidden behind the walls of your possible future home. These problems can be a water leak hidden behind the wall, missing insulation, leaky windows or doors or even a possible roof leak. And the use of thermal imaging inspection technology is at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. The SEI inspection report will give you the security to know you are making a wise investment. In addition, most of the home inspections process can be handled online too. From our website, you can sign the inspection contract, make a payment or view your home inspection report. All from the comfort of your home or office.

SEI Inspections LLC has been in business for over five years and has had many happy customers, but the experience and expertise of SEI started well before its creation. Owner Travis Hooper has been in the Houston home inspection and residential construction business for more than 15 years.

In fact, SEI Inspections more than 10 years experience in the residential construction management field. This type of experience gives SEI Inspection LLC a distinct advantage over other home inspectors, because SEI knows exactly how a home is constructed from an empty lot to a finished new home. SEI's knowledge comes from the actual application of building codes. Not just classroom experience. SEI can identify potential problems during a pre-purchase inspection of a new home while it's still under construction. Foundation inspections, Frame Inspections, Mechanical inspections all the way to the finished product. SEI Inspections LLC can help make sure that your new home will be soundly constructed. Giving you the peace of mind that every new home buyer needs.

SEI also has more than 10 years of experience rehabbing older or existing homes in the Houston area. That experience has given SEI Inspections great knowledge of construction techniques used from the 1900's to present day. And this knowledge can be a major advantage during pre-purchase inspections for buyers who are looking to buy existing homes in the Houston area. An existing home inspection can give you the assurance that the home in question will be around and functioning for years to come.

Travis' experience also includes being a property insurance adjuster. So he knows what causes damage in the home and what the results look like if unattended. More so, he can identify areas that may have been repaired or covered up during the pre-purchase inspection process. This gives all home buyers using SEI Inspections LLC an advantage over a home seller who might be unaware of the damage occurring in their home.

In addition, Travis was a licensed BPI certified energy auditor. With gas prices and utility cost constantly on the rise, it's nice to know any areas of a home that could be wasting energy. SEI Inspections LLC will point out any areas that are wasting energy or could be improved. This can be very important information during a pre-purchase inspection when utility budgets play a major role whether or not a home is worth purchasing.

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Are you looking for a termite inspection or pre-purchase home inspection? Maybe you're thinking of selling your home and want to know what might be a problem before putting your home on the market. Contact Travis Hooper with SEI Inspections LLC and make sure you get the best inspection possible for your time and money. We're proud to serve Houston, TX and it's surround cities. Call us today.

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